Filamu Mboga is a force to reckon in the multimedia world, With one of the most DYNAMIC approaches to EXCELLENCE. We TAKE EXTRA CARE in going beyond the traditional film and videography approach to TELLING STORIES that make our clients’ brands STANDOUT to their competitors. We hold CREATIVITY, HONESTY, DILIGENCE and EXCELLENCE dearly in our work. Our clients’ satisfaction is our reward and fuel to continue telling stories THAT IMPACT the world around us.

Our vision

To be the best film production company in the region, with a reputation of excellence and creativity in telling stories.

Our slogan and values

Our slogan is building brands story by story.We aim at Honesty, diligence and excellence.

Our mission

To cause impact and transformation by telling individual and brand stories. We aim to creatively tell ordinary stories in an extraordinary way, for extraordinary impact.

Joel Ndirangu- Creative Director

"The Ideas man"

With working experience from Africa Media 24 and The Standard Group Media, Joe's creativity and passion for stories continues to grow everyday. He oversees our prodction projects, turning our clients rough ideas into impactful stories. He also scripts, directs and shoots as part ofo our production crew.

Steve Ngala - Photographer and Editor

"Click Click beatiful"

We call him the master of timelines. Steve is our video editor and photographer. His skillful arrangement and rearrangement of raw images and videos on timeleines to create a story sequence is part of our secret ingredients to great storylines in our clients' projects. He also has an eye for detail and moments as seen in his photographs.

Cliff Alambo​ - Business Director


Cliff has working experience from Global Brands Kenya, a branding company, and Konectify, an Iinformation technology company. He is in charge of marketing and customer relations in Filamu Mboga. His unique eye for potential clients and establishing relationships with our clients is one of our secret ingredients to happy clients.

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